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Are There Simple Ways I can Conserve Energy and Still Have a Comfortable Home?
11 Feb
By: Climate Control

Learn a few tips and tricks from an energy efficiency expert.

simple ways to conserve energy from Climate Control

Whether you’re stretching a family budget, or just penny-wise, embracing energy efficiency can put money back in your wallet. Here are four tips and tricks you can use to cut down on your next energy bill:

1. Turn off the lights. If you’re not in a room, it probably doesn’t need to be lit. And if you’re looking to keep up appearances while you’re on vacation, plug a lamp into a timer to ensure it’s only burning in the evening.

2. Replace traditional bulbs with LED. They use 75% less electricity than conventional bulbs, and they last a lot longer. While the cost of each bulb is higher, you can frequently find coupons online or deals at your local warehouse superstore. Replacing the ones you use most won’t hit your pocketbook too hard and will maximize your return on investment much faster.

3. Install a smart thermostat. These are like a timer for your heating and cooling system. You can preset the times you’re going to be away, and the thermostat will automatically turn the temperature down once the clock strikes. Basic models can be found for less than $20, and the return on investment is quick.

4. Get an energy audit. Your local heating and air conditioning company should be able to perform a comprehensive audit, letting you know the areas causing your utility bill to skyrocket. They’ll check the whole house, and even use some nifty gadgets to check the effectiveness of the insulation in your walls. You’ll get a detailed report at the end, with a list of recommendations for significant improvements.

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If you’re ready to save some cash, Climate Control can help you with all your energy efficiency needs.

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