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Four Surprising Facts about Solar-Powered HVAC Systems
11 Apr
By: Climate Control
6 Benefits of Solar-Powered HVAC Systems

Installing a solar-powered HVAC system can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home. This system can reduce your energy bill and help the environment, too. The following are four things you may not have known about solar-powered HVAC systems:

Fact #1: A Solar-Powered HVAC System Is Cheaper than You Think

Depending on how you install your HVAC and solar system, you may be eligible for federal tax credits. This can reduce the total cost of your solar installation. And depending on your existing heating and cooling system, you may not need to buy a whole new HVAC unit. However, the newer HVAC systems will be more energy efficient, which will allow you to take full advantage of your solar power generating capability.

Fact #2: Drastic Cost Savings on Your Energy Bill

For most homeowners, their heating and cooling costs make up about half of their total utility bill. By installing solar cells, many homes can power their entire heating and cooling system from solar energy alone. Often, there is a surplus amount of energy generated by the solar cells which can fulfill a home's other electrical needs. In some cases, the utility company might purchase the surplus from you.  

Fact #3: Major Modifications Not Required

Having a solar-powered HVAC system rarely requires major modifications. The solar cells don't always require installation on your home or business's roof. And should you choose to expand your solar array, it's usually rather easy to do.

Fact #4: Monitor Your Energy Use

By installing a solar generation system in your home or business, you will usually have technology that allows you to monitor your energy use. Knowing how you use energy can help you adjust and use that energy more efficiently.

If you’re interested in your own solar-powered HVAC system for improved energy efficiency, contact our friendly team at Climate Control and schedule a time to speak with our expert HVAC professionals.

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