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Three Tactics to Improve Commercial Indoor Air Quality
21 Dec
By: Climate Control

Commercial services can be helpful in improving the indoor air quality of your office or commercial building.

Having bad air inside your office can require using commercial services to find and fix the problem. But before you call your local HVAC professional, try these tactics to help improve your indoor air quality.

Grow Indoor Plants

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and additional health problems in humans and other animals. One natural and cost-effective way to reduce the amount of VOCs in your office is to have indoor plants. Plants such as the spider plant and the bromeliad plant will provide a splash of color and life to your space while improving the air quality.

Change Your Air Filter

This is an easy fix to help your indoor air quality. However, it's often neglected, resulting in extra dusty and contaminated air flowing through your ductwork. Not only does this hinder the function of your filter, but it can reduce the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system, resulting in higher energy bills. If you’re not sure how to change your air filter, contact your local HVAC technician who can show you or take care of it himself.

Use Your Windows

The best way to use your windows will depend on the time of year and what is the primary source of bad air quality. For instance, in the spring, you may want to keep your windows closed to avoid allowing pollen-saturated air from entering your office space. But in the fall, when there are usually less outdoor allergens hanging around, you may want to have your windows open to circulate some fresh air into your office and stale, dusty air to the outside.

If you need other ways to improve the indoor air quality of your commercial property, it’s time to consider the commercial services from our friendly team of experts at Climate Control; connect with us online now to learn more.

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