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The Real Reason for Air Filtration in Forced Air Heating
03 Apr
By: Climate Control

Surprise: The primary reason for air filtration in forced air heating systems is not indoor air quality.

The Real Reason for Air Filtration in Forced Air Heating

Did you know that the primary reason for air filtration in your forced air heating equipment is to protect the equipment, not necessarily your health? Every forced air heating system equips the homeowner with a built-in safety guard: the air filter. It cleans the air at the intake to the unit. Purified air free of large particles and other contaminants feeds your furnace with the best food for its performance.

Dirty air damages the components of a forced air heating system and forces it to work harder. This reduced longevity and efficiency costs you money. By regularly replacing your filters, meanwhile, ensures that your unit has a clean air supply. Keep cash in your wallet and increase the time before an expensive service call or an even more expensive replacement.

Monthly filter replacement is an inexpensive way to prevent an expensive problem, but the air filter aisle of any hardware store confuses many consumers. The flashy filter options advertise clean air free of pollen, dust, and other microscopic lung contaminants. Remember that the primary function of the filter is heating unit protection.

In fact, a more expensive option with smaller holes for air movement may place too much stress on your system.

Getting some fresh, albeit unpurified, air is usually not considered bad advice for the majority of people. On the other hand, homeowners with allergies or compromised immune systems benefit from more complex air filtration systems – not just an air filter.

Let Climate Control guide you through your air filtration questions and concerns. Most filtration systems we recommend require little maintenance. The experts at Climate Control will test your home for contaminants, evaluate your concerns, and offer a customized solution. Call (864) 269-5576 today to determine the best air filtration option for your forced air heating system.

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