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The Strangest Reasons for Commercial HVAC Repair
19 Jun
By: Climate Control

HVAC repair symptoms look peculiar in the workplace.

The Strangest Reasons for Commercial HVAC Repair

Business dealings tank on a day when you need commercial HVAC repair.

If you work outside the home, you spend most of your day in a commercial space. An indoor commercial space offers climate control in the heat of summer. It’s easy to take a comfortable temperature for granted in the midst of deadlines, data crunching, and waiting on customers.

Heed these strange signs that say you need HVAC repair.

Coworker Inconsistency

You pass the desks of two neighboring coworkers. In the first office, your employee wears a tweed blazer and wool scarf. In the second, a woman wears a sleeveless sheath and sandals. The temperature control feels as inconsistent as the office wardrobe.

You need HVAC repair for your business ductwork. Damaged ductwork distributes air unevenly. Restricted airflow after changing the filter unregularly leads to clogged vents. Blocked vents cause the issue as well so keep those printers along with shred and recycle containers off the vents.

Billing Identity Crisis

You open your utility bill and blink at the amount due. Clearly the post office delivered the statement to the wrong address. Remember dramatic changes in billing signal an inefficient system. If your cooling cost has changed but not your cooling patterns, your business needs an HVAC inspection. An HVAC repair technician diagnoses problems like leaking refrigerant or dirty condenser coils.

Noise Pollution

Your HVAC unit is located outdoors for a reason. Loud noises erupting from a rooftop unit are not normal. Besides interrupting a conference call, an out of balance fan may be to blame.

Two-Faced Temperature Reading

75 degrees in the morning feels warmer than 75 degrees in the afternoon. A slow start-up signals electrical components needed to get the motors running at a consistent speed need replacement.

When you can’t afford to lose revenue, call Climate Control at (864) 269-5576 for commercial HVAC repair.

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