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Three Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier
07 Jun
By: Climate Control

Your heating and air conditioning system could probably use the help of a dehumidifier.

As the summer season arrives, your heating and air conditioning system will have to tackle the humid air. Your air conditioner should have the ability to dehumidifier your air, but sometimes it can't remove enough moisture to keep your indoor air comfortable. When that happens, you will want to use a dehumidifier to help out. What benefits do you receive by further removing moisture from the air? Read on to find out.

Benefit #1: Greater Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of a dehumidifier is feeling more comfortable inside. Not only does humid air make it feel warmer than it really is, but it can make the air feel “sticky.” With drier air, you’ll also notice less condensation on cold objects like drink glasses and other cold containers.

Benefit #2: Lower Energy Costs

The human body cools itself down by sweating. The evaporation of the sweat pulls away heat, cooling the body. But the more humid the air is, the slower the sweat can evaporate. This is why humid air feels warmer than it really is.

If you have really humid indoor air, even if your thermostat is at a low temperature, it may still not feel cool enough inside. This will force you to lower the thermostat's setting even more, and you’ll run your air conditioner more than you normally would if the air wasn't humid. With most whole building HVAC systems, running an air conditioner will use more energy than a standalone dehumidifier. Therefore, running a dehumidifier can reduce your overall energy costs during the spring and summer seasons while still keeping things comfortable.

Benefit #3: Reduced Mold Growth

Mold and fungus love moisture, especially in the air. By having drier air, you can slow the growth and spread of mold in your home or office. This will be much better for your respiratory health.

If you need assistance deciding if your heating and air conditioning needs the help of a dehumidifier, please feel free to contact one of our friendly HVAC professionals at Climate Control today.

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