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2 Tips for Keeping the Temperature at the Office Steady All Day
22 Feb
By: Climate Control
Climate Control

Finding ways to maintain a steady temperature inside the office may require the use of commercial services.

Commercial services are great to help business owners maintain a comfortable temperature indoors as cost-effectively as possible. One way to ensure indoor comfort is to keep the temperature from jumping all over the place. The following are a few tips to avoid big swings in the indoor temperature:

Use a Zoned HVAC System

In a regular HVAC system, there is only one thermostat, and the HVAC works in an all or nothing manner for the entire building. For example, when the thermostat senses that it’s too cold inside, the heater will turn on and deliver warm air to the entire building. This is true even if there are certain parts of the building that are freezing cold or are already warm enough.

To get around this problem, zoned HVAC systems exist. By using multiple thermostats and special ductwork and heaters, zoned HVAC systems allow only certain parts of a building to receive warm air at any given time.

Make Sure the Heater Is Powerful Enough

One reason temperature swings exist is that the heater is not powerful enough to quickly heat up a cold interior. For instance, should the thermostat sense a drop in temperature, it will turn on the heater. But if the heater isn't very powerful, it may take a long time to properly warm the inside of a building. This means any temperature swings or imbalances last much longer than they should.

But this doesn't mean a business owner must install the most powerful heater possible. If a heater produces too much heat, it might cycle on and off too frequently, creating additional wear and tear on the HVAC system, resulting in high repair costs and shorter operational life.

At Climate Control, we have a host of commercial services that can help solve almost any HVAC problem a business could have. To learn more, contact our friendly HVAC professionals as soon as possible.

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