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Tips for Keeping Your Home's Air Healthy
05 Jul
By: Climate Control
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What can you do to maximize your residential heating and air conditioning system to achieve higher indoor air quality?

If you have a feeling your home’s air quality isn’t as high as it should be, the first place to make changes is your heating and air conditioning system. Keep reading for some tips to help you ensure your HVAC is doing what it’s supposed to do to provide optimal climate control, including healthy air.

Tip #1: Check the System’s Ventilation

Could your ducts and vents be dirty or clogged with debris? If so, the air circulating throughout the ventilation system and into your home is going to be compromised. Because an overly soiled or clogged-up system means the system isn’t cleaning or circulating the air like it should, the air in your home will contain contaminants that can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory issues. A proper ventilation cleaning and/or repair if necessary could make all the difference in your home’s indoor air quality.

Tip #2: Consider Using an Air Filtration System

Adding an air filtration system is a simple upgrade you can make to your current HVAC equipment. Making this addition can have a positive impact on the indoor air quality in your home. Air filtration systems are designed to trap any existing airborne pollutants and allergens before they have a chance to circulate into the air…and before you or your family members have a chance to breathe in the contaminants. Once these pollutants are trapped and pulled out from the indoor air, you will notice the air is crisper and cleaner, so you can breathe easier.

Tip #3: HVAC Maintenance

Whether it’s the ventilation system, a need for better air filtration, or a simple repair or tune-up issue, an HVAC maintenance agreement will cover it all for you. Ensuring you have the right plan in place with a reputable company is your best bet for the healthiest air possible in your home.

Get in touch with our heating and air conditioning team today at Climate Control for a maintenance agreement you can count on. Let us provide the proactive services necessary to enhance your indoor air quality and provide the best climate control.

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