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Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Cool while Cooking the Turkey
15 Nov
By: Climate Control

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Improve energy efficiency during the holidays using simple tricks.

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to take a backseat during the holidays. You don’t have to disrupt traditions to be green. Making a few small adjustments will ensure your family enjoys the same bountiful spread as usual while staying more comfortable and spending less. Keep reading for the energy-saving tips you need this season.

Avoid the Oven

In households across America this Thanksgiving, families will be using their ovens from the wee hours of the morning until the sun goes down. The turkey takes hours to roast in the oven and requires frequent basting. In the meantime, a never-ending stream of breads, side dishes, and desserts will breeze in and out.

The problem, of course, is the kitchen heats up. If you turn the temperature down to accommodate the cooks, the rest of your guests might feel the chill. It’s a daylong battle, but you go a long way toward winning by turning off the oven. There are a number of devices you can use instead, from electric roasters to steamers and crockpots.

Run a Fan

It might seem counterintuitive to run a fan in a space where there’s food to keep warm but circulating air will help keep things cool. If you’re not using the oven to cook, you can store dishes in it while waiting for mealtime. Simply switch the fans off once you start to set the food out.

Keep the Lights Turned Low

Another simple way to save on energy and keep temperatures low is to use kitchen light as selectively as possible. Keep the lights low or turned off when possible. Close the shades to keep out the sun.

While the smell of candles at a holiday gathering can be alluring, it’s best to keep them away from food preparation. In fact, for the sake of keeping indoor air as clean as possible, consider switching out traditional candles with flameless ones.

At Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning, we have tips for keeping more than just your kitchen comfortable during the holidays. Contact us to learn how to improve energy efficiency throughout your home year round.

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