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Tips for Staying Warm While Keeping Your Energy Bill Down
15 Feb
By: Climate Control
Climate Control

Having high energy efficiency can help you stay warm without a high energy bill.

With good energy efficiency, you won't worry as much about staying warm in the winter. That means when consuming energy, your heating system can turn most of that into warmth for your home or office. Below are several tips that can help you stay warm by either improving the efficiency of your HVAC system or finding alternate ways to heat:

Find and Use the Sun

The ultimate source of warmth is the sun. So make the most of it by allowing as much sunlight into the building as possible. Pull back the curtains, drapes and shutters to allow the heat of the sun to increase the inside temperature. It won't mean you can turn your heater off, but it can warm a room without raising the thermostat's temperature setting.

Use Wood as Fuel

If you have trees on your land, cutting and splitting your own logs to create firewood can provide an almost free source of fuel. You can burn the firewood in a wood stove or fireplace as a major source of heat without spending any money, besides the time and effort to cut and split the wood. Depending on how much time you have available, this isn't really "free," but it can definitely keep your energy bills down.

Seal Any Air Leaks

No matter how efficient and powerful your heater is, if the warm air it creates leaks into the outside, you won’t feel as warm as you should and your heater will use more energy than necessary. You can easily close up these air leaks with caulk or weather-stripping.

Boosting the energy efficiency of your HVAC system can result in not just more comfort, but lower energy bills, too. To learn more about how this is possible, contact our team at Climate Control today.

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