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Understanding the Role of Dehumidifiers in Your Central Air Conditioner
10 Apr
By: Climate Control

The shot of caffeine every home with a central air conditioner needs

Understanding the Role of Dehumidifiers in Your Central Air Conditioner

Your central air conditioner needs an ally to maintain the “feels like” temperature of your home: a dehumidifier. Why is this? It has to do with the relationship between heat and moisture.

See, more moisture in the air makes it feel warmer. Many people use this to their advantage in the winter, when higher humidity helps make their home warmer. Your central air conditioner, however, is supposed to remove heat from the air. A dehumidifier makes this easier by removing moisture, which makes it easier for your air conditioner to cool your home.

In addition, proper humidity levels benefit your home and you. Your home stays mold free and safe for furnishings, no peeling paint or musty upholstery. You, meanwhile, stay comfortable and healthy, no sticky skin or allergies from a habitat conducive to dust mites.

A dehumidifier is also an important factor in the fight against every homeowner’s nightmare – mold. Mold thrives in the right conditions, even a cold climate controlled by central air. Mold occurs with two conditions: moisture and a surface. Reducing moisture with a dehumidifier in your central air conditioner prevents mold.

Climates like South Carolina, the rest of the Southeast, and areas near the coast especially need a dehumidifier to complement the central air conditioner. Since we have such high humidity, a dehumidifier allows us to stay comfortable without overusing our air conditioning. In addition, it helps us save energy during the spring and summer. Since these seasons don’t have as high temperatures or humidity, we don’t need to cool our air as much. Rather, less moisture in the air can make our body’s own moisture evaporate, providing a cooling sensation without having to turn on your air conditioner.

Climate Control offers efficient and reliable systems to make your home more comfortable. We customize a solution for your home, with its unique insulation, ventilation, and high humidity areas. We customize for your family, with its unique health concerns. Contact Climate Control for a central air conditioner tune-up before the temperatures and humidity climb.

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