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Unraveling the Mysteries of Heat Pumps
20 Nov
By: Climate Control

How do heat pumps work without fire to keep your home warm and toasty?

How heat pumps work

Long before heat pumps, burning a wood fire was the way to keep warm. Later, the fossil fuel-burning furnace was the most modern method for homes. But today, we know this method of combustion is not completely efficient. It also produces some unwanted byproducts like carbon monoxide. 

Consider clean electric energy with a heat pump. Besides using cleaner energy than other heating options, heat pumps are a great option because they can support your HVAC needs year-round. Let’s decipher the common questions about heat pumps.

How Do Heat Pumps Work? 

Heat pumps don’t produce heat. They move it – transferring heat either into or out of your home depending on your temperature needs. So in the summer, the heat pump removes heat from your home, while in the winter, it takes heat from the air and adds it to your home. Better yet, they do this all with the help of electricity.

Some heat pumps also harness free energy from the earth. A geothermal heat pump uses the earth as a heat source or sink to aid in the addition or subtraction of heat to and from your home. Who knew it was possible to get even cleaner than electricity?

Why Use Heat Pumps Instead of Conventional Heating Systems? 

Depending on your application, heat pumps may be a great fit. They’re more efficient from month to month and particularly suited to the Southeast, with our milder winters. If you need a complete HVAC replacement, a heat pump tackles the job of both heating and cooling. It’s quiet during operation and easy to maintain because it has few moving mechanical parts.

At Climate Control, we have over 45 years of experience providing efficient heat pumps to the Easley area. Call (864) 269-5576 for new or replacement heat pumps at an affordable price.

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