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Three Ways a Maintenance Agreement Makes Your Life Easier
26 Jul
By: Climate Control
Technician changing an air filter

Maintenance agreements exist because when HVAC systems work properly, we hardly give them a second thought. As a consequence, HVAC units often go neglected until something goes wrong. But by that point, the repairs can take longer and cost a lot more money than preventing the problem in the first place. Maintenance agreements provide this much-needed maintenance and can make your life easier in three ways.

Maintenance Agreements Automatically Provide Regular Maintenance

The exact number of maintenance visits can vary depending on the HVAC maintenance plan, but property owners can typically expect two maintenance visits each year, often right before the hot summer and cold winter seasons. The maintenance agreement offers these service visits automatically, so there’s no need to mark your calendars or otherwise remember to have preventative maintenance work done on your HVAC system.

Maintenance Agreements Prevent Major Problems.

With a regular HVAC maintenance inspection, a trained professional can easily spot issues with your HVAC unit that aren't causing serious problems now, but could in the near future. This can save money, since fixing the issue now will usually be a lot cheaper than waiting until the small issue becomes a big problem. There's also the advantage of avoiding downtime. Going without air conditioning in a heat wave, even for a few hours, can feel like an eternity.

Maintenance Agreements Offer Repair Discounts

When repair work is necessary, there is a discount applied merely for being a member of a service agreement. Depending on the nature of the repairs, this can save a tremendous amount of money.

Can you see how maintenance agreements can make your life easier? Please contact us at Climate Control to learn more about setting one up today.

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