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5 Ways You’re Making Your Business Hotter This Summer
24 Aug
By: Climate Control
Commercial AC

Commercial services provide professional HVAC repairs and installation services for businesses. But they can also provide tips for business to help save money on their cooling bill this summer season.

According to our commercial services experts, here are five ways you may be making your business hotter this summer:

Not Using Window Shades

An often overlooked method of lowering the indoor temperature is to use sun shades, curtain, blinds or any other barrier for blocking sunlight from coming in. Many people do this for their cars parked in the direct sun -- you'll see a shiny foil accordion-like cover in the front windshield. Unadorned windows allow extra sunlight to enter, creating additional sources of heat.

Not Cleaning the Air Filters

Clogged air filters can inhibit the air conditioner's ability to cool your business. With a dirty air filter serving as a blockage of air flow, not only will less cool air make it to the working areas of your business, but there will be less air circulation. Less circulation reduces the air conditioner's ability to dehumidify the air. This, in turn, will make it feel warmer than it really is. There's also the fact that a clogged air filter will reduce the efficiency of an HVAC unit, further increasing your energy costs.

Using Incandescent Light Sources

Not only are incandescent light bulbs extremely energy inefficient, but that wasted energy comes in the form of heat, the very thing you'd like to avoid in the hot summer months. Try replacing your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs for a much cooler and energy efficient lighting option.

Keeping Computers on at Night

Whenever your computer is on, it's not only using electricity, but it's generating heat. If your business operations allow for it, shut down or at least hibernate all computers at the end of the day. This will have the double benefit of avoiding heat generation and reducing energy usage of the computer itself.

Not Checking the Weather Stripping

Even the best HVAC unit won't provide the expected performance and energy saving results if there are gaps that allow cool air to escape and hot air to enter. To make sure proper seals exist with your windows and doors, check the weather stripping and replace it as necessary.

To learn more about ways you could be sabotaging your business energy bill this summer, look into expert commercial services by contacting our heating and cooling professionals at Climate Control now.

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