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What Are the Cost Differences in a Geothermal System Versus a Traditional System?
04 Jun
By: Climate Control

Learn how green energy can save you money.

HVAC Experts

When it comes to non-traditional heating and cooling sources like the green energy you utilize with a geothermal system, we all want to know two things: How much energy is it going to save me? And, how much money is it going to cost?

When comparing geothermal systems to traditional HVAC systems, it helps to understand the primary features and differences, so let’s take a look.

Features of Traditional HVAC:

  • Requires considerably more upkeep and maintenance.
  • Will fluctuate often in temperature as it runs.
  • Will turn off and on often throughout the day producing higher utility bills.
  • Usually lasts around 10 years.
  • Fueled by a non-renewable resource, fossil fuels.
  • Operating costs vary depending on the current cost of fuel sources.
  • Indoor air quality may be affected.
  • Fewer financial incentives, if any, are offered for this type of HVAC system.

Features of Geothermal:

  • Keeps a constant temperature in your home as it never stops running.
  • Is protected from outside elements.
  • Uses a renewable resource.
  • Has double the life expectancy as compared to traditional HVAC systems.
  • Utility bills are considerably lower, because using green energy is much more energy efficient.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • No danger of carbon monoxide.
  • Offers tax incentives and other available government programs reserved for people switching to green energy.

The tag on a geothermal system may seem high at first glance. However, when you take into account the tax incentives and other cost saving offers through government programs, the difference in cost between the two systems can be as close as $5,000. This doesn’t even take into consideration the approximate $150 a month savings on your utility bills that green energy can provide.

If you think the time has come for you to take advantage of modern technology’s money-saving green energy, contact us online or call 864-269-5576 today.

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