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What Can Happen If The HVAC System Of My Building Is Too Big?
22 Jan
By: Climate Control

Do you need to scale back on your HVAC for commercial services?

Sizing commercial HVAC systems

Is having a too big HVAC system for your commercial services a big deal? In short, yes. Going big or going home can lead to big problems in your building.

Three common problems of an oversized HVAC system are:

1. Operating efficiency

If a system is built to handle more BTU's than needed for your building, it will fluctuate or stop before it needs to. An air conditioner begins at its lowest efficiency. An overly large unit will cool the house too fast and not dehydrate the air enough, causing it to short cycle.

2. Moisture and, dare we say it, mold

An air conditioner that has more BTU's than needed does not dehydrate the air it is cooling properly and under the right circumstances, mold can actually begin to grow near, on, or around your unit.

3. Life cycle

When a HVAC unit constantly short cycles, its life cycle is reduced. When a furnace is over-sized for the building it operates in, it spends most of its time running in a "warm up" mode. In reality, a furnace can run 24/7 attempting to appease the thermostat setting. Not to mention most modern furnaces have a shut-down mode to prevent long term damage when repeatedly short cycling, which is not exactly something you want to happen in the dead of winter.

The best way to find out if your HVAC systems are too large for your home is to have the commercial services experts at Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning come take a look. Contact us today at 864-269-5576 to schedule an appointment.

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