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What’s the Best Thermostat Temperature for Optimum Energy Efficiency?
14 Jun
By: Climate Control

You can improve your HVAC’s energy efficiency by setting the thermostat to the right temperature.

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioner or heater, you need to find the right setting on your thermostat. In an ideal situation, you would set your thermostat to a temperature setting that provided the warmth or coolness you prefer. Unfortunately, this preferred setting usually uses more energy than you would like.

To reduce your energy usage, you could set the thermostat to a really high temperature in the summer and a really cool temperature in the winter. But this would result in a lot of discomfort. The trick is to find an ideal setting that balances comfort with energy usage. What this ideal setting is will depend on many things, such as personal preferences, HVAC efficiency, time of year and the current cost of energy. However, there are several concepts to keep in mind that can help you decide on your ideal thermostat temperature.

The Benefits of a Different Thermostat Setting

According to, the typical homeowner can save about 10 percent on his or her energy bill if they adjust their thermostat between seven and ten degrees for eight hours each day. These savings can go up in milder climates and if the temperature change is for a longer period, such as all day. One thing to keep in mind is that raising or lowering your thermostat seven to 10 degrees is a really big adjustment. For most HVAC systems, this will likely lead to increased discomfort during the summer and winter seasons.

A more reasonable adjustment might be setting your thermostat two to four degrees up or down but keeping that setting all the time. This won’t produce the biggest energy savings, but it will reduce your energy usage. Another tip is to save the more drastic temperature settings for times when you’re away or asleep. That way, you won’t be around or as likely to notice the colder or hotter indoor temperatures.

Looking to discover other ways to improve the energy efficiency of your office or home? You can find new strategies by contacting our team at Climate Control as soon as you get the chance.

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