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What Should I Expect from a Maintenance Visit in the Winter?
24 Dec
By: Climate Control

Discover the features and benefits of high-quality maintenance agreements.

HVAC service technician inspecting a furnace

Your HVAC service provider has spoken to you about maintenance agreements before, and you decided to take the plunge. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you’re trying to remember everything they told you. What’s included? Do you need to call and schedule it? How long will it take? Is it really worth the money?

We are so glad you asked! We’ve compiled a quick run-down of everything included in most maintenance agreements, and added the services specific to inspections done during the winter months.

You can expect your maintenance agreement visit to take between sixty and ninety minutes and includes the following:

  1. Carbon monoxide checks
  2. Thermostat calibration
  3. Visual inspection for fire hazards and other combustibles
  4. Test ignition switch
  5. Test and check exhaust vent
  6. Measure temperature differential between air supply and return
  7. Safety and control circuitry testing
  8. Fan belt adjustment (as needed)
  9. Check and clean/replace air filter as needed
  10. Clean furnace burner and heat exchangers
  11. Check for dangerous signs of wear and tear (visible cracks, rust, etc)
  12. Lubricate motor and parts
  13. Measure amperage
  14. Inspect electrical connections
  15. Clean and inspect combustion vents
  16. Measure and adjust gas pressure (if applicable)
  17. Check for natural gas leaks

All of these services, and more, are included in any quality maintenance agreement. However, if you happen to be a member of Climate Control’s Maintenance Plus Program, you also receive:

  1. 15% discount on repairs
  2. Priority call scheduling
  3. No overtime rates
  4. One year warranty on all repairs

Give our friendly professionals a call to find out more about our great program, and to get switched over from your existing HVAC service provider. Our five-star reputation is hard-earned and well deserved, so why wait? Contact us online or call us at 864-269-5576 and we’ll answer any lingering questions you may have about our maintenance agreements, and get you scheduled ASAP.

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