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What to Expect from Your Annual Spring Maintenance Checks
23 Apr
By: Climate Control

Annual spring maintenance checks as part of your professional maintenance agreement will help to ensure your HVAC is ready for the warmer temps.

Spring Maintenance Checks

With warmer air coming and seasonal temperatures rising, it is a tell-tale sign it is time for a spring maintenance check provided through your HVAC maintenance agreement. These types of checks are important because they ensure you will have a pleasant and comfortable summer, the kind where you are carefree because you are free from unexpected and costly repairs to your air conditioning system right when summer peaks. Some things to expect from your annual spring maintenance checks are:

  • Tune-ups and System Checks: A quick, efficient check will be made on all of your system’s electrical components to be safe and certain everything is in good working order. Thermostats, lubricant, connections, and refrigerant levels will all be checked.
  • Coils and Wires: The coils to your system can quite easily become dirty during the “off season” for your unit, so they will be checked and cleaned.
  • Filters: There is nothing worse for an HVAC system than a dirty and clogged filter. In fact, when your filter is changed regularly, your energy use is cut by up to 15%. Considering what this can do for your electric bill, it is a good idea to check and change those filters.

Something to consider doing yourself before your maintenance technician arrives is to give your HVAC system a quick wipe down and to clear the area the system is located in as this is also good for keeping your system as efficient as possible.

Contact Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning today for all your HVAC’s spring maintenance needs or to set up a new maintenance agreement.

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