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What Types of Environmentally Friendly Energy Systems are Available for Home Residents?
09 Apr
By: Climate Control

Every home has the potential to be more environmentally friendly by taking advantage of green energy.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Systems

With the increased awareness of the environment around us and climate change, homeowners across the globe are embracing green energy. Green energy is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also bank account friendly. The two most utilized forms of green energy systems are:

Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermal energy is essentially heat from the earth. It is environmentally friendly because it is clean and totally renewable as it is produced from the constant and unending flow of heat from the earth. It is also available pretty much anywhere on Earth, from China to right here in South Carolina.

A geothermal heat pump can be installed and then heat from the earth will be transferred from the ground to your home and back into the ground. You probably will not have to install new ductwork as most geothermal systems are compatible with most homes’ current ductwork.

Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy is made via the sun to produce heat and/or electricity. It is considered to be environmentally-friendly because it is direct from the sun, a totally natural energy source. There is no burning of fossil fuels or harmful air emissions. Solar energy technology is put into two categories:

  • Passive Solar: Passive solar gives heat as well as lighting for buildings.
  • Active Solar: Active solar provides electricity via technologies titled Solar Photovoltaic. Active solar also provides heat, hot water, or electricity utilizing technologies titled Solar Thermal.

If you think it is time to go with an earth-friendly HVAC approach that is also bank account friendly, call the experts at Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning today at (864) 269-5576 to learn more about green energy options.

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