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Why Are Tune-Ups So Important?
25 Feb
By: Climate Control

Learn how maintenance agreements save you money and keep your system purring.

technician tuning up residential heating systemHVAC maintenance agreements might not be glamorous. They don’t greet you at the door, or cook a fantastic meal for you while you’re at work. But just like house cats (or dogs!) and crockpots, they are an essential part of any household. Here’s why.

Regular Tune-Ups Save You Money

Have you ever had a little tiny problem blow up in your face? It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, and we’ve all thought, “Gosh, I wish I had caught that a lot sooner!”

This is exactly what maintenance agreements do. They ensure twice yearly tune-ups to catch all the little problems and prevent them from getting out of hand. Your system runs at its peak performance capacity, and you don't burn money on wasted electricity and fuel costs. Plus, you save yourself from letting a $10 fix turn into a $3500 replacement.

When Major Appliances Fail, Your Family Could Be at Risk

Before you accuse me of being overly dramatic, how many times have you heard a news story about a faulty furnace burning down a house or a family poisoned by a dangerous, undetectable carbon monoxide leak?

It happens to thousands of people every year, and it’s easily prevented with regular maintenance. Trained HVAC professionals can spot the problem and get it fixed, usually in the same day.

Isn’t your family’s safety worth a quick check every once in a while?

Learn More about the Extra Perks Provided by Maintenance Agreements

It’s more than just a tune-up! We’d love to talk to you about how our service plans can add value, and give and your family peace of mind. Learn more about the remarkable benefits our maintenance agreements have to offer!

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