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Why Do People Think HVAC Systems with Humidifiers Are a Good Idea?
25 Dec
By: Climate Control

HVAC systems with humidifiers are a hole-in-one for comfort.

Humidifiers with HVAC

You might be feeling like the odd ball out when it comes to HVAC systems. Why is everyone talking about humidifiers? Here are some key benefits of installing humidifiers in HVAC systems.

Humidifiers keep you comfortable.

Forced air heating and recycled air can result in low humidity levels averaging around 10%. Remember, 30% to 40% feels comfortable to our bodies. Drier air aggravates dry skin and nasal passages. Installing a single room or whole house humidifier in HVAC systems helps homeowners feel more comfortable.

Humidifiers keep you healthy.

Besides to feel comfortable, some homeowners use humidifiers because they have a family member with a health condition like allergies or asthma. A humidifier in HVAC systems can alleviate symptoms and help all family members breath and sleep better.

Humidifiers allow you to spend less on heating.

Moist air holds heat better. Not only will a humidifier in HVAC systems help alleviate heat loss, but also it adds a warmer feel to the air in your home. You may be tempted to turn down your thermostat set point when the air in your house is more humid. This action is good news for your furnace, which won't need to work as hard to reach the temperature you set. Get ready to consume less energy and lower your monthly utility bills on an ongoing basis.

Climate Control has over 45 years of experience hitting a hole-in-one for our customers with complete HVAC systems. Look forward to an ideal temperature and moisture balance. Contact us if you'd like to improve the game of your HVAC systems with a humidifier.

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