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Why Should I Have My Home’s Indoor Air Quality Checked this Spring?
30 Apr
By: Climate Control

You breathe your home’s air every single day, so it might be a good idea to include an indoor air quality check to your spring cleaning routine.

Indoor Air Quality

The time of year has come for spring cleaning, and this should include indoor air quality checks. During the cold winter season, the air is not coming straight from the outdoors into your home, so when the temperatures heat up, it’s time to get the fresh air flowing. Some things to consider with checking your indoor air quality for the spring include:

  • Health: Poor air quality breeds a fair amount of health problems. The two most common are allergies and asthma. Spring also just happens to be the peak time for pollen, which can very easily drift into your home.
  • Ductwork: If you haven’t had your ductwork system cleaned in awhile, the amount of dust, dirt, and allergens piling up could be downright alarming. Everything from dust to insect and dust mite feces, dirt, fibers, and every other kind of microscopic air pollutant could be lurking in your ducts going into the air you breathe every single day. In fact, unless you stop the cycle, it’s circulating through your home over and over again. An indoor air quality check could show just how much of the buildup is winding up in your home’s air.
  • Mold: If there is any dampness in your air, mold has a free invitation to set up shop in your home, and this could result in spores being released into your home’s atmosphere.

The question shouldn’t be “Why should I have my home’s indoor air quality checked?” but rather “When should I have my home’s indoor air quality checked?” Contact Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning’s services now to schedule your home’s indoor air quality check to get ready for spring.

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