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Why Should I Invest in an HVAC Service Plan?
28 Jan
By: Climate Control

Discover how maintenance agreements can reduce stress and save money.

HVAC service technician inspecting a furnace

If your HVAC service provider has spoken to you about maintenance agreements before, and you didn’t sign up immediately, it’s okay. A lot of people aren’t sure what makes a maintenance agreement valuable, or why they should get one. And frankly, not every service provider does a great job explaining all the benefits.

To help ease the confusion, and answer any questions you might have, we’ve gone ahead and outlined a few reasons you may want to consider an HVAC maintenance agreement:

1. Peace of mind.

A maintenance agreement means your system is going to be inspected and tuned at least twice a year. Your technician will be able to spot current and potential problems, and give you an opportunity to address them before they turn into bigger issues. You can rest easier knowing your furnace isn’t going cut out on a cold winter night, and your air conditioner isn’t going to up and quit in the middle of a giant heart wave.

2. Minor fixes are cheaper than a system replacement.

Ignoring little issues going on inside your HVAC system might seem cost effective at first; but when those morph into great big problems, all of a sudden you’re faced with a huge repair bill. Or worse, you need to replace the entire system. Wouldn’t it be better to pay $30 now, instead of $3,000 later?

3. It’s a no-brainer.

Literally, you don’t have to waste a single molecule of your brain’s capacity worrying about when to schedule your appointment. Your provider should track it all for you, and call to set up an appointment time convenient for you. Talk about nice and easy!

4. Extra perks.

A lot of maintenance agreements come with perks like discounted service, and priority repairs. You’re designated as an A-list customer, and the provider should go above and beyond to treat you as such. Ask your technician what additional benefits come attached to the maintenance agreement, and determine the additional value for yourself.

If You’re in Upstate South Carolina, Call Climate Control

We’ve got some of the most competitive options in the area, and we’d love to talk to you about how our service plans can add assurance and value for you and your family! Get in touch with our HVAC experts today, and we’ll answer all your questions about our stellar maintenance agreements.

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