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Why the World Would End Without Air Conditioning Units
26 Jun
By: Climate Control

What can we learn from the past to use our air conditioning units wisely?

Why the World Would End Without Air Conditioning Units Are you one of those zombie enthusiasts? Do you like imagining life in a post-apocalyptic world? Well, if no air conditioning may not be as extreme as a zombie outbreak – but a world with no cool air would be pretty bleak. Lack of air conditioning units would end our current lifestyle. Our habits, customs, and social norms require the technology. Lessons from the past make us more efficient consumers of cooling energy.

Most businesses operate consistently throughout the year. Workers sit in front of computers at 9-5 jobs wearing business suits. Computers and internet servers along with sensitive electrical technologies require cool environments to operate. Bosses require us to think strategically and complete tasks regardless of record high temperatures. Capitalism and profitability flourish from air conditioning units.

Urban sprawl extends from the city center while dense groups of people live in some major metropolises. These realities of population distribution require comfortable transportation to and from the city center and tall buildings to densely pack residents and workers. Cars in traffic without air conditioning units enter the danger zone for heat. The upper floors of skyscrapers need consistent cooling to be hospitable.

Hospitals struggle to keep patients in critical condition alive. Other medical challenges require attention than an acceptable temperature for patients. Healthcare and certain populations with compromised immunity need air conditioning units. The young, sick, and elderly benefit from reasonable temperatures and improved air quality.

Our current businesses, population patterns, and healthcare system need air conditioning units. At home, take steps to limit your reliance on air conditioning. It saves money and fosters family and community relationships. Use fans, windows, porches, and basements to reduce your need for cooler temperatures. In the summertime, gather with your neighborhood outdoors for barbeques and iced tea. These ideas are tricks to reduce energy expenditure today. In the past, they were mandates to stay cool when air conditioning was not an option.

At Climate Control, we know how truly crucial air conditioning is to the survival of your business. If your company’s AC goes on the blink, give us a call – we’ll get you back into the modern world.

At Climate Control, we offer tips to reduce energy expenditure while we maintain your comfort level with modern air conditioning units.

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