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Will Anything Help Control the Humidity in My House?
01 Sep
By: Climate Control

Did you know your heating and air conditioning could actually control the humidity levels in your home as well as keep your home’s temperature comfortable? It's true. The fundamental nature of your HVAC system helps reduce moisture. But it's also capable of doing more.

How Your Air Conditioner Pulls Moisture Out of the Air

A key component to air conditioning is actually moisture evaporation. Your AC unit cools the air passing through it by condensing the excess water and then disposing of it via the drain pan. The cooler, now drier air is then pumped back into your house.

Doesn’t Your Furnace Dry Out Air, Too?

By contrast, your furnace doesn’t impact the humidity in your house. There is no evaporative process in heating, so the air that hits the furnace and is heated has the same amount of water in it as what came in (barring any leaks).
You only “dry out” when too much cold, dry outdoor air makes it way indoors. Otherwise, the general humidity generated by things like hot showers and doing dishes is usually enough to keep you comfortable.

Help with Humidity Control

Sometimes, the normal process just isn’t enough. When you find yourself suffering from excess moisture (or a moisture deficiency!) your local HVAC expert can help. Improved ventilation, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers are all tools that can be used to solve your home’s unique humidity control issues.
Whether installed inside your central system, or as a stand-alone unit, there’s a solution out there that’s right for you.

Having Trouble with Your Home’s Moisture Levels?

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