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Home Energy Audits in Piedmont

Home Energy Audits Provide Money-Saving Suggestions

Home Energy Audits

One reason Climate Control is delighted to offer home energy audits is that we know it’ll help you cut down on your needless energy usage, safeguard the environment, and work to save you bundles of money on your utility bills. We are licensed to carry out home energy audits in the Upstate area, and we can help both homeowners and businesses. If your monthly energy bills are through the roof, you need to contact us immediately. It's a win-win service, and the benefits are huge.

Our professional, certified, and accredited professionals will come out and provide you with a detailed evaluation after analyzing your house's energy use. We’ll pinpoint exactly what steps you could take to slash your energy costs and your month-to-month utility bills.

While Climate Control’s professional technicians are doing your house energy audit, we also discover and take note of those issues in your home that are causing your energy usage to skyrocket, then show you how easy it is to fix these problems so that you can optimize your home heating system and save money at the same time.

During the audit you can expect that a Climate Control technician will examine your whole home HVAC system, including:

• Air duct sealing and insulation
• Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation
• Water heating system
• Windows and doors
• Foundation, roof, and framework
• Lighting and home appliances
• Combustion appliance area

At the end of the audit, you will have a detailed report on what concerns the technician discovers that are affecting your energy expense and ways to lower that expense. By following the suggested recommendations to enhance the energy effectiveness of your house, you will:

• Offset your investment in the audit by all the money you’ll save on utilities.
• Get better air quality for you and your family to breathe.
• Benefit from significant tax credits and deductions.
• Help the environment by utilizing less energy.

If you’re eager to cut your monthly utility bills, Climate Control is eager to talk with you and schedule your home energy audit in Piedmont. Schedule your home energy audit now by calling 864.269.5576.

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