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Heat Pumps Work All Year Long to Keep Your House Comfortable

Are fuel costs killing your budget? Maybe it’s time to consider getting a heat pump and furnace system instead for cooling and heating your home. Climate Control heat pumps will provide year round comfort by cooling your home in the summer and heating it during the cold winter season months making use of electrical power, not gas energy.


Heat pumps run by taking heat from the ground or air, which makes them ideal in moderate environments where the summer seasons are hot and the winter weather conditions are mild. Heat pumps are more costly initially than typical HVAC systems; however, they are more energy-efficient and will provide a good return on your investment as you reduce your fuel usage.

Climate Control proudly offers the finest heat pump systems built by Trane and Lennox. Trane and Lennox HVAC products are legendary for running quietly and efficiently, creating an ideal indoor environment and providing significant savings for their owners, month after month.

With more than 45 years in the HVAC business, the Climate Control team understands all there is to know about heat pumps and can help you through the decision-making process as you look for the best model to satisfy your specific heating and cooling requirements. Climate Control provides heat pumps from sources you can trust, so you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant home or office environment for years to come.

Climate Control serves the Upstate and the surrounding area, offering first-rate heating pumps, professional installation, repairs, and routine maintenance.

Call us today at 864.269.5576 for more information about the heat pumps we carry and the services we provide to keep your system running perfectly.

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