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Packaged Units

Space-Saving Packaged Systems Deliver Practical HVAC Options

If your space is restricted and you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system and heater, packaged systems may be the ideal option for you. Packaged systems range from a one-room unit to a whole home system. What they all have in common is that they are built as a single unit, as opposed to split systems, which consist of two units.

packaged system

Packaged systems have an air conditioner or heat pump incorporated with an evaporator coil, and it's all included in one bundle-- optimal for a small home or work space.

Choosing the right packaged system for your needs and budget can be confusing, though. Climate Control’s team is happy to help guide you through the process, evaluating your needs and helping you find options that match them well. We can also help with expert installation services to get your new packaged HVAC system up and running right from the start.

Climate Control is a proud supplier of packaged systems built by Trane and Lennox. Trane and Lennox air and heating systems offer silent running units with exceptional humidity control capabilities. Their systems meet or exceed Energy Star requirements and come with rock solid warranties. Trane and Lennox offers a number of packaged systems to pick from, and has been keeping home and business environments comfortable for over 100 years. With installation and service from Climate Control, you’ll find your new packaged system makes it easier than ever to keep your house or company environment cool throughout the hot summer season and warm on even the chilliest nights throughout the winter season.

Climate Control has more than 45 years of experience and expertise; we understand exactly how to help you choose the ideal HVAC system to satisfy your particular requirements and your budget. Whether you are in Piedmont or the surrounding area, we will come to your office or home and lead you through the process of choosing a packaged system that will make you one of our absolutely delighted customers.

Debating between a split system and a packaged system?

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