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Split Systems

Providing Top-Quality Split Systems to Keep Your Home Environment Comfortable

Among the high-grade HVAC systems Climate Control provides, split systems are a favorite among our clients. A split system includes two segments, one outside and one inside. The units work together as a unified system to create a comfortable environment in your house with precise temperature level control, optimal air flow, and humidity control.


A split system not only makes it easy to enjoy comfortable temperatures year-round, it also improves indoor air quality by filtering-out toxins and other impurities.

Trane and Lennox air and heating systems are quiet running units that provide exceptional humidity control. Their systems fulfill Energy Star requirements and come with some of the best warranties in the industry. The professionals at Climate Control will work closely with you to guide you as you select a split system to meet your HVAC needs.

Split Systems for Home or Business

At Climate Control, we’ve been in this business since 1969. With nearly fifty years of experience, we’ve got extensive know-how on just about every split system out there. We put that experience to use for you, to help you choose the system you’ll get the best results from in your own home or business. As an iron-clad rule here, we never recommend a product or service we wouldn’t use in our own homes.


Our team can either help you wade through your options, to make the important decision about a new HVAC system – or we can make a recommendation and handle all the details for you.

Split Systems Increase Your HVAC Efficiency, Decrease Your HVAC Costs

All of our Upstate customers want the benefits of a more efficient HVAC system, and split systems are the perfect solution for many of them. Split system users often see a dramatic decrease in their monthly energy bills, making this an investment that pays off quickly and then saves money long-term.

Whether you choose to choose a split system or some other HVAC system, Climate Control will provide expert installation and routine maintenance to help you get the most of your purchase.

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