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Increase Comfort, Decrease Utility Bills with Zoning

In order to maximize your HVAC system’s effectiveness while decreasing your overall usage and expenses, consider a zoning system from Climate Control. Zoning provides a different control for your thermostat in varying areas of your house or business at different times every day and night. There's no reason to run your heating or cooling system when nobody’s in the space you are heating or cooling. Zoning is the perfect solution.


At Climate Control, we consider ourselves zoning specialists and will examine your home, office, or other commercial space to come up with a perfect plan for zoning. We’ll figure into this plan information about when and where you spend the most time in your house, and that will help us evaluate when and where an adjustment in your heating and cooling would be most effective for cutting your energy bills.

With Climate Control Zoning, Energy Waste is History

Energy bills never seem to go down, do they? In fact, most of your friends and neighbors in the Upstate are noticing an unmistakable upward trend on their utility bills every year. That’s why zoning is a smart financial choice. By installing a zoning system, you’ll never again throw money out the window by running your system to heat or cool an empty space.

Family off at work and school? Why heat the whole house for hours that nobody will even be there? Employees off for a long weekend? Do you really need your office to be warm and cozy in the middle of winter? Zoning is an effective strategy for making sure you only use energy when you need it.

Climate Control's zoning experts will help you determine whether zoning is a good option for your space, then make recommendations about which zoning system is the best fit for your needs. We work with you to customize your zoning system so it meets your heating and cooling demands at home or at work. With zoning, each space will be warmed and cooled on an individual basis, automatically, and all the while, saving your budget from skyrocketing energy expenses.

Wasting cash on heating and cooling that’s not needed can become a distant memory. Climate Control's zoning systems help you say goodbye to over-spending on utilities, while keeping your home or business comfortable for years to come.

Contact the specialists at Climate Control today at 864.269.5576 to find out whether HVAC zoning is the best choice for your home or business.

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