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6 Benefits of a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System
07 May
By: Climate Control

Might a geothermal heating and cooling system be the answer to your green energy questions?

Geothermal System Diagram

When it comes to utilizing green energy, it’s really hard to beat all the benefits of a geothermal heating and cooling system. If you’re tossing around ideas for a greener option, consider these 6 benefits for geothermal energy:

  1. Lowered Operating Cost: Geothermal systems deliver a 400% efficiency rating. By transferring heat, rather than producing it through combustion, geothermal systems lower utility bills significantly.
  2. Peaceful Operation: Geothermal systems run smoothly and quietly. Geothermal systems operate well regardless of snow, rain, ice, and other elements produced by life on Earth.
  3. Mean Green Impact: This is more like a non-impact as geothermal systems do not emit any greenhouse gasses.
  4. Clean Safety First: There is zero combustion with geothermal systems, therefore, zero risk for carbon-monoxide poisoning.
  5. Life Cycle Yield: The average furnace is expected to last around ten years. Geothermal systems have a life expectancy of more than 15 years, and the ground loop (the pipes buried in your yard) of a geothermal system usually comes with a fifty year warranty.
  6. Confident Cash: A geothermal system is a beneficial and significant investment for your home. Over the course of its lifetime, a geothermal system will produce serious cash flow benefits in addition to the tax credits and tax breaks from Uncle Sam simply for purchasing and utilizing a geothermal system.
  7. If you think it’s time for you to reap the green energy benefits of a geothermal unit for your heating and cooling systems, give the experts at Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning a call today at 864-269-5576.

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