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How a Maintenance Visit Now Could Help Your Family Stay Healthier this Year
28 Feb
By: Climate Control

It might surprise you to find out how maintenance agreements and better health go hand in hand.

Would you consider getting a maintenance agreement for better health? We’re not talking about a maintenance plan for yourself, but one for your HVAC. Curious? Take a look at how regular heating and air conditioning maintenance can help your family stay healthier this year.

Regular Maintenance Means Better Air Quality Which Means Better Health

If your HVAC system hasn’t had regular service, there’s no telling how dirty it is, how effectively it’s working, or how much it could be affecting how you feel. When your heating and air conditioning system are not cleaned and tuned up regularly, including having the components, ventilation, ducts, and air filter cleaned, it’s going to affect the indoor air quality. Regular service ensures cleaner air for you and your family.

Regular Maintenance Means Reduced Illness During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season falls during the winter months because the viruses and bacteria that cause them thrive in cool, dry air. If your HVAC system isn’t running properly, it can affect the humidity and temperature in your home which can increase the chance of illness. Maintenance in the fall before the weather gets cold can make sure your heating system is running right to help keep those pesky bugs at bay.

Regular Maintenance Means Consistent Temperatures

While inconsistent temperatures can’t directly cause illness, it can affect your health and well-being. Going back and forth between being too warm and too cold can put stress on your body, make you feel like you’re getting sick, and keep you from feeling your best. A good HVAC technician can make sure your thermostat and your HVAC system are working like they should and keeping your home comfortable all the time.

Don’t put the health of yourself and your family at risk. Call the pros at Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning today for a maintenance agreement that will keep your house healthy all year.

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