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Three Ways to Cut Office Heating Costs This Winter
18 Jan
By: Climate Control
Climate Control

Commercial services will help you run your commercial HVAC in various ways to lower your heating costs.

Business owners are always finding ways to save money, and commercial services can help them do that. These professional services ensure the commercial HVAC system is running properly and in a way that saves as much money as possible.

Install a Zoned HVAC System

One reason office energy bills are so high in the cold season is because there's always some section of the office that won't warm up as quickly as another part of it. This results in the occupants of this colder section going to the thermostat and setting it higher so the heat will activate and warm them up. But this can waste energy, since the otherwise comfortable areas of the office will then become too hot and uncomfortable. In certain situations, those in areas that are too hot may try to cool things down by opening windows and letting out that expensive hot air.

A zoned HVAC system can avoid this by allowing a different thermostat to control the heating and cooling of different parts of the office. So those who are constantly cold will have their own thermostat and ductwork system to keep them warm without affecting other sections of the office.

Replace Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter does more than just fail to keep your indoor air clean. It can also hinder the flow of air through your HVAC system, which results in lower HVAC performance, higher energy usage or both. So business owners need to make sure their HVAC’s air filter is properly replaced (or cleaned) at regular intervals, which is typically every few months.

Lower Your Thermostat’s Setting

This is the easiest way to reduce the use of the heater in the winter. Dropping the thermostat setting just a few degrees can result in significant savings throughout the entire cold season. In some cases, the slightly cooler indoor temperature may be great for some office occupants who were a little too warm, but not uncomfortable enough to say something or adjust the thermostat themselves.

Climate Control offers commercial services that provide a wide range of guidance and assistance to business owners with HVAC systems. Contact Climate Control soon to learn more about how your business can benefit.

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