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Three Ways You Could Save Big with an Office Maintenance Agreement
28 Jun
By: Climate Control
Climate Control

Maintenance agreements can help you save a lot of money on your office’s HVAC system.

Maintenance agreements are great for the commercial setting for several reasons. First, they save time. This convenience is really handy in an office because spending time fighting with the HVAC system is the last thing office workers want to do. Second, they're convenient. Instead of the boss or building owner having to remind themselves about scheduling routine maintenance, the maintenance takes place automatically. But besides convenience, these special arrangements with HVAC companies can save a lot of money. Here are a few ways it's possible:

#1: Priority Service

With a maintenance agreement from Climate Control, the number one way you can save money is through priority service. With a commercial agreement, you can focus on your business knowing that your HVAC system is in good hands and any necessary repairs will be our top priority. If you have an issue, the faster it is found and addressed, the more money you can save in the long run.

#2: Repair Discounts

When the need for an HVAC repair comes up, it can result in a large unexpected bill. In most situations, a delay in the repairs is not possible. Office workers or clients will not stand for that. To help reduce the hit to your wallet, a maintenance contract will provide a 15 percent discount on all repairs. For major repairs, this can help the maintenance plan pay for itself.

#3: No Overtime

When an HVAC needs repairing outside of normal business hours, special overtime rates typically apply. This can lead to a significantly higher repair cost for the same work done during normal business hours. As a business owner, you understand that sometimes you need an HVAC technician’s help as soon as possible, even if it’s early in the morning or late at night. With a maintenance contract, you can get this level of service without having to pay extra.

Maintenance agreements cost money, but this is money well spent as it can result in major cost savings later on. To learn more about these special contracts, contact our team at Climate Control now.

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