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Ways Natural Light Affects Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
14 Feb
By: Climate Control
home energy efficiency

Why you can count on the sun for increased energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency doesn’t just mean solar panels and electric cars. You can increase your efficiency with some simple steps at home, and you can do it with the help of the sun. Natural light can affect your home’s energy efficiency in a number of ways.

How Natural Light Affects Your Overall Energy Use

Natural light in your home can cut down on the use of electricity by cutting down on your need for artificial lighting. This is especially true in the spring and summer months when the days are longer, and you can take advantage of the light from the sun until later in the day. This can be different for everyone depending on the direction your house faces, but more natural light means less reliance on electric lights.

How Natural Light Affects Your Heating and Cooling Use

The amount of natural light that your home gets can have a big impact on the amount of heating and cooling you need to do throughout the year. If your home faces south, you can count on extra sunlight to cut down on your heating costs in the winter. In the summer, you’ll need to utilize blinds and curtains to keep from needing extra cooling. If your house faces north, the opposite is true. You can save money in the summer with less natural sunlight heating up your home.

Many factors go into a home’s energy efficiency. One of those factors is natural light. Whether you need to find ways to take advantage of it, or you need to find ways to work around it, the pros can help. Contact our team at Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning for the advice you need to increase your energy efficiency.

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