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Commercial Geothermal

Greater Comfort. Ease of Maintenance. Lower Operating Costs.

Whether you are renovating an existing water loop heat pump system or installing a new system, WaterFurnace’s complete line of extended water source heat pumps deliver maximum energy efficiency and owner value. Every heat pump is fully run tested in our factory before being shipped to the project ensuring proper operation upon start up. With a wide range of factory installed system accessories, field installation labor and time is reduced for quicker installation.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes geothermal technology as the most cost-efficient, energy effective and environmentally friendly method for heating and cooling buildings available. Because they burn no fossil fuels, WaterFurnace geothermal systems offer major advantages and benefits to your business that simply are not available with other types of systems. Here are just a few:

Lower Operating Costs: Studies show that geothermal technology can save a building owner up to 60 percent in annual energy costs over conventional systems.

Clean, Quiet Operation: WaterFurnace geothermal systems are designed to operate quietly and efficiently, for many years.

System Flexibility: Office buildings can create unique challenges to mechanical system designers due to diverse operational requirements and schedules. WaterFurnace geothermal and water source heat pumps come in a wide range of models allowing for decentralized system design with console units and horizontal units concealed above the ceiling. In addition, reversible chillers allow for central plant replacement of boilers and chillers providing heating and cooling for an array of hydronic terminal devices or radiant systems. WaterFurnace also offers the most advanced electronic controls to give facility managers the ability to monitor and control all facets of the units operation.

Design Flexibility: Because geothermal systems do not require large mechanical rooms or noisy and unsightly outdoor units, architects have far greater opportunity to design buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and more efficient in their use of inside space.

Increased Safety: Geothermal systems burn no fossil fuels, so there are no flames, no fumes and no concerns over carbon monoxide emissions.

Environmental Responsibility: Geothermal systems emit no harmful pollutants, indoors or outdoors. That means no carbon dioxide emissions, which are associated with the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Ease of Installation: Geothermal systems use earth loops – durable, high-density polyethylene pipes buried in the ground or placed in a nearby body of water. An earth loop easily can be placed below a lawn or a office building’s parking lot.

Ease of Maintenance: WaterFurnace geothermal systems are easy and inexpensive to maintain. Placed indoors, they are safe from the effects of harsh weather. Generally, all that’s required is replacement of airfilters. In-house technicians are not required.*,

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