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Slash Bills and Boost Efficiency with Commercial Cooling & Heating Maintenance Plans

If your business is serious about lowering expenses while keeping your HVAC system running efficiently, Climate Control's cooling and heating commercial maintenance plans are the answer. All throughout the Upstate, our accredited expert technicians work closely with you to develop a detailed strategy created to keep your heating and cooling system in prime working condition.

It costs money to run your HVAC system. But with the proper industrial cooling and heating upkeep, you’ll be able to save money and keep your business comfortable and cool, even throughout the hottest days of the summer.

Comprehensive Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance Plans

Here’s a short list of the commercial maintenance services offered by Climate Control:

HVAC Service Agreement Assessment-- Performed Two Times a Year in the Spring and Fall.

• Examine the operation of the thermostat and adjust if required.
• Replace or clean the filters.
• Cycle the equipment on and check the temperature and humidity levels at the vents and grilles.
• Check the fan for clearance, balance, and cleanliness.
• Examine the operation of the strip heaters.
• Examine the emergency pan switch. Readjust if needed.
• Assess the condensate drain and clean the trap.
• Examine the evaporator coil.
• Clean the drain pan, add algaecide, and check for correct drainage.
• Clean the indoor coil if needed.
• Check the voltage on the outdoor unit.
• Check the outdoor amps.
• Oil the outdoor fan, inspect its balance and clearance.
• Check refrigeration levels.
• Check compressor amps.
• Take the amperage reading on the crankcase heater.
• Check defrost operation.
• Check the conditioning of wires in both the indoor and the outdoor equipment.
• Tighten up all the connections.
• Check all the contactors.
• Wash the outdoor coil.
• Cycle test the operation of the system.
• Inspect the condition of the ductwork.

To learn more about the commercial air conditioning and heating maintenance services Climate Control provides contact us now at 864.269.5576.

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