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Residential Solar Thermal Systems Provide the (Geothermal) Hot Water You Want to Be In

Enjoy all the hot water you want when you use eco-friendly residential solar thermal systems to generate it, cost-effectively and abundantly. These systems can provide up to 70 % of the average household’s hot water requirements each year. You'll appreciate not just the luxury of having hot water on-demand, but also see a delightful drop in your monthly utility bills.

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How Would You Use Residential Geothermal?

Some Upstate residents are intrigued by the possibility of making use of the sun to heat their home supply of water rather than paying ever-increasing energy bills to the power company. For others, the lure of geothermal is to keep the family pool warm enough to beckon even the most skittish of swimmers to come swim. Still others want be able to heat their entire homes by using geothermal power.

No matter how you plan to use this technology, Climate Control's solar thermal specialists can create a system specifically for your home's requirements. You'll see significant cost savings on your energy bills, and ultimately a full return on your investment. From that point on, your hot water will feel even better, since it will be cost-free.

The process for getting a geothermal system for your home begins with an appointment. When you call Climate Control, we'll start by asking important questions to guarantee this technology is suitable for your home. Then we'll help you determine which system would be the best fit for your needs and your budget. Setup by our licensed specialists comes next. As usual, everything we do is backed by our outstanding reputation for customer service and industry-leading service warranties.

Climate Control is widely recognized as the area's expert in renewable resource system installation and service. We look forward to helping you use economical, environmentally-friendly solar thermal energy in your house. It's just one more way we help our customers live more comfortably.

Call Climate Control at 864.269.5576 for more information on using geothermal in your home. The sooner you ask for your cost-free assessment, the sooner you'll enjoy all the benefits sun-powered geothermal offers.

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