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Residential Solar Electric Powers Your Home Life

Powering your home without paying the local utility provider’s ever-increasing energy rates might sound like it’s too good to be true. It almost sounds like an advance as futuristic as hovercraft, or like a counter-cultural off-the-grid survivalist move. But you might be surprised to know how many of your Piedmont friends and neighbors are switching to residential solar electric these days.

Valued for its economic advantages, solar power for the house is more useful than it has ever before been. Even better, there are tax perks, refunds, and other incentives available in many markets for setting up and utilizing solar energy.

Lots of property owners with pools have actually dipped their toes into sun-warmed water and delighted in all the benefits of residential solar power. The list of functional applications for solar energy in the home is constantly expanding, and now consists of:

• Generating your very own electricity.
• Reducing or eventually saying goodbye to your electricity bills forever.
• Living in an ecologically friendly house.
• Increasing your property value, without increasing your property tax rate.
• Receiving a big portion of your solar power system's expense back in rebates and tax rewards.

It used to be that solar cells were excessively pricey and rather inefficient. That’s no longer the case with new innovations in the solar battery. Studies show this solar element can transform more than a third of the sun's rays that reach your home into functional electricity. Today's solar electric innovation is highly effective and surprisingly economical.

Some residents are going about adding solar electric to their houses as a DIY home renovation project. That might not be a bad idea, if you're particularly handy and confident dealing with electricity. But if you have the slightest concern about tackling this yourself, you should speak to Climate Control's residential solar specialists for advice on the devices and systems that will work most effectively for your house.

Of course, the fastest and best method to go solar is to have our residential solar professionals install the system that fits your home. As always our commitment is to ensuring your house stays safe and comfortable year-round.

Contact Climate Control today at 864.269.5576 for more info about your new residential solar electric system. From system option and installation to maintenance and repairs, we are here to serve you.

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